For Immediate Release:
September 10, 2020

Media Contact:
Phil Sherwood
Director of Communications & Marketing
Cell: 857.246.9586


National Leader in Problem & Responsible Gambling to Expand into Video Gaming Addiction


What: After nearly 40 years, the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling (MCCG) will change its name to the Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health (MACGH).

When: Effective Monday, September 14.

Who: The Mass. Council Board of Directors embarked in a year-long rebranding process in consultation with clinicians, health experts, national leaders in gambling and gaming, individuals in recovery, and subsequently voted to change the organizations name to the Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health. Additionally, the board voted to include video gaming in the organizational mission.

Why: The link to gambling goes beyond previous warnings about “loot boxes,” which offer players a random assortment of prizes, but can cost real or in-game currency to open. Recent studies have also linked youth playing these games and future problem gambling behavior. The Mass. Council has been a pioneer nationally, and this change is consistent with our history of leading in the field and evolving to the landscape and health needs of the public.



About: The Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health (MACGH) is a statewide non-profit agency that promotes public health by mitigating the negative personal and community impacts of gambling and gaming. We accomplish our mission through training and education, federal and state advocacy, research and gaming play information, and prevention and recovery programs. We serve individuals who game and gamble, and their loved ones. Since its inception in 1983, the Mass. Council has taken a neutral stance on legal gambling and gaming and worked with key stakeholders such as gaming operators, vendors, and regulators, clinicians, people in recovery, and other community-based agencies.