As a non-profit public health organization, our ability to advocate, educate, and provide programs and services for those affected by gambling comes directly from those who give. 

Your support today helps us raise awareness about the risks of problem gambling. And it ensures that no matter what, cutting-edge, evidence-based research and resources continue to be accessible to people who gamble, their families, caregivers, and the community at large. 

Hear individuals’ life-changing experiences from their engagement with the Mass. Council: 

“I was in rough shape mentally and emotionally, but through the Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health, I found a counselor. I’ve been fortunate to find some really important people in my life and got back on track with the 12-step programs for my addictions.” – Scott

“I highly recommend the Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health to clinicians and everyone impacted by gambling and gaming. They mean it when they say, ‘We understand the problem, we can help.’” – Tom Wright, D. Min, LICSW

“Thank you for offering telephone recovery support. This was something I truly needed to do. I lost my husband unexpectedly two months ago and I was going to the casino more and more out of depression. I had to stop.” – Marjorie

“I appreciated that I didn’t have to enroll for a Massachusetts VSE in person. I want to do it with all other out-of-state casinos now. The Council gave me clear suggestions and coping strategies on how to tackle that. They were tremendously helpful.” – Robert

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