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Gambling News: PointsBet, NCPG and MACGH Released Problem Gambling Survey Results

PointsBet, NCPG and MACGH Released Problem Gambling Survey Results

Research launched by Australian sportsbook operator PointsBet, in collaboration with the National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG) and the Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health (MACGH) published its findings.

Responding to Problem Gambling Scenarios

The initiative focused on responsible gambling decision-making for online gambling operators that was launched by PointsBet in collaboration with the NCPG and MACGH in July this year sought to better understand the response of the industry, government, and clinical stakeholders to various scenarios involving fictitious customers showing signs of problem gambling.

Pointsbet USA chief executive officer Johnny Aitken commented that “a meaningful approach to prevention and intervention of gambling-related harms requires input from all stakeholders,” proud of the collaboration with the NCPG and MACGH seeking to “better understand how to find solutions for those impacted by problem gambling.”

Designed by PointsBet, the anonymous and voluntary survey placed respondents in situations with three fictitious customers who are demonstrating problematic gambling behavior, asking them to take the role of an operator and determine the best course of action.

Keith Whyte, executive director of the NCPG, outlined that the results of the survey are expected to “spark dialogue amongst operators as well as regulators, treatment providers, researchers and problem gambling advocates to help inform operator engagement strategies around responsible gambling.”

The survey was issued to attendees of the National Conference on Gambling Addiction & Responsible Gambling 2022, the four-day event that began July 20 under the motto Better Together: Advocacy, Awareness & Assistance.

Uniting Industry Stakeholders

Featuring lectures and studies from national and international experts on problem gambling’s impact on various social groups, the event sought to unite gambling industry representatives, government officials, researchers, and healthcare specialists.

The survey revealed that most of those who voluntarily participated opted to share information about support and availability of resources, state-wide self-exclusion options and limit-setting operator tools. Of the 110 survey respondents, almost a third were treatment providers while close to a fifth identified as recovering gambling addicts.

On behalf of MAGCH, Marlene Warner, executive director of the Council, highlighted the importance of “proper collaboration” in the process of effecting “meaningful change” that will benefit and protect the future of people who choose to gamble in the state of Massachusetts,” proud to have partnered with PointsBet and the NCPG in search of progress in responsible gambling.

PointsBet, NCPG and MACGH Released Problem Gambling Survey Results


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