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Jodie Nealley

Director of Recovery Services

A natural counselor and compelling advocate, Jodie serves as MACGH’s Director of Recovery Services.

Her work covers a range of initiatives for individuals at-risk, struggling with, and recovering from gambling disorder. In her role, Jodie delivers MACGH trainings and community presentations and serves as a primary liaison to individuals and their loved ones in need of up-to-date resources, clinical referrals, or a compassionate ear. Notably, Jodie has pioneered MACGH’s around-the-clock tele-support services for all individuals enrolled in Voluntary Self-Exclusion programs.

Jodie is often-sought as a panelist, keynote speaker, podcast guest, and author on recovery-oriented topics. She earned her M.S. from Indiana University and is 30 years sober and 15 years free of a bet.

Her favorite part of working at MACGH:
“I’m working at an organization that allows me to educate people about the risks of gambling. As a gambler in recovery, to be able to spread awareness and help others along the way is a gift.”

Ask her about:
Her journey of addiction to alcohol and gambling and the amazing gifts recovery brings, her favorite books, the lifelong lessons and the benefits of being a camp counselor