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Licia Scarano

Director of Operations

Licia Scarano is a versatile talent at MACGH. With a knack for buttoning up loose ends and troubleshooting the day’s puzzles, she makes the rest of the team’s job’s a little easier.

As Director of Operations, Licia helms finance and team management responsibilities. She also coordinates long-range projects for the growing organization. Licia brings her well-honed organizational and multi-tasking abilities from decades of working for global corporations in both Europe and the United States. Her B.A. in psychology also lends itself to supporting MACGH’s people-centered, public health efforts.

An Italian transplant and modest polyglot, Licia speaks fluent Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. She enjoys food and reading.

Biggest win:
Being recognized as a women-run nonprofit organization

Ask her about:
Her days as a professional chef in Milan and New York, organizational tips