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Ray Fluette

Director of Player Health

As GameSense’s Director of Player Health, Ray supervises all facets of GameSense across its three on-site locations and its 24/7 secure online platforms.

Ray’s experience is grounded in a strong gambling acumen encompassing player health and problem gambling. His 30-year career began as a part-time dealer. In time, he became a table games manager, overseeing a team of over 100 dealers, 30 supervisors, and five pit managers. While Ray thrived in this leadership role, he also saw the concerning effects of excessive gambling on individuals and their families — and how player education and budgeting tools could save lives.

Today, Ray carries his steady leadership in a new way: ensuring that the GameSense team is on hand to educate and help in a people-first, resourceful way. A born-and-raised Rhode Islander, he now lives in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Biggest wins:
Professionally: Working his way up from a part-time dealer to running a billion-dollar casino in 10 years.

Personally: Having two kids to grow up and be well-respected parents of their own.

Ask him about:
His transformation being the guy getting you to play all your money within a casino to the guy who shows you how to budget and walk away, different ways to enroll in Voluntary Self-Exclusion, New England sports