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Gaming Health Specialist Certificate


Gambling and Gaming are common forms of entertainment across all age groups.  For a small but important percentage, these activities can become disordered and have a devastating effect to both the player and their loved ones. The Gaming Health Specialist Certificate is a result of ongoing efforts to help behavioral health clinicians understand and recognize the importance of screening, assessing and treating gambling and Internet gaming disorders within their current clinical populations.  This certificate provides the foundational knowledge needed to address problematic gambling and Internet gaming behaviors and meet the needs of a growing number of clients presenting with co-morbid disorders.

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Welcome to The Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health
We understand the problem. We can help.

Founded in 1983, The Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health is a private, non-profit public health agency. We advocate for responsible gaming and gambling practices and services for those affected by gambling. We aim to reduce the impacts of gambling disorder and strive to make gambling healthy and safe for the people of Massachusetts. We are neither for nor against legalized gambling. We accomplish our mission through education, advocacy, and by providing resources. We serve people who gamble, their families, caregivers, and the community at large.